Circle Of Time


  • KurzbeschreibungWe are an international cover band from Zurich. We are ready to play on your Birthday Party, Corporate Event, Wedding, even Club adding to the DJ’s sounds the sound of life Music.
    Often we are enough booked, but even so we are constantly looking for new audience and new dance floors.
    What we can promise is that we keep the ears of your guests busy for 3 and more hours. And they might even get wet dancing!
    Please contact us if you're interested in hiring the band.
    We speak English, German, Spanish, Russian and French. So please feel free to contact us in any of these languages.
  • Gründungsjahr: 2011
  • Musikrichtung: Pop, Coverband
  • Musikalische Einflüsse: Rock / Pop / Latin / Blues / Funk / Soul / Rock`n`Roll
  • Gesangsprache: Englisch, Spanisch
  • Besetzung: Gesang / Gitarre / Bass / Drums
Angaben zum Konzertauftritt:
  • Einsatzgebiete: Ganze Schweiz
  • Anlässe: Alle
  • Benötigte Infrastruktur: wir bringen alles selber mit...
  • PA Anlage: vorhanden
  • Platzbedarf: flexibel
  • Spieldauer: 60 bis 300 Minuten
  • Gage & Spesen: nach Absprache
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