Zürich - Olga unterrichtet Gesang


  • Name: Olga
  • Webseite: www.olgabotsi.com / Facebook
  • Jahrgang: 1988
  • Beruf: Singing Teacher
  • Musikalische Ausbildung: BMUS Hons Vocal Performance and Production
  • Als Musiklehrperson tätig seit: keine Angabe
  • Lehransatz/Motivation: I believe that anyone can sing, it is something we are all born to do! Most people upon going to their first singing lesson realise that they only know how to shallow breathe and squeeze the life out of their throats hoping that their voice will magically make it through the song. I draw upon my own experiences and training, as well as yoga, acting and meditation when trying to help my students get in touch with their real voice - which can only happen upon unleashing the imagination and expression we had as children and getting back in touch with our true selves!
Angaben zum Unterricht:
  • Unterrichtsort: Musikstudio oder beim Schüler zu Hause in Zürich
  • Instrument: Gesang
  • Stilrichtung: Jazz, Pop/Rock, Musical, Blues/Soul, Folk, World, Improvisation
  • Niveau: Kinder, Anfänger, Fortgeschrittene, Profis
  • Form: Einzelunterricht, Gruppenunterricht
  • Unterrichtsdauer: 60 Minuten
  • Bevorzugte Unterrichtszeit: Morgens, Mittags, Nachmittags, Abends, Wochenende
  • Verifiziert: Ja

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