Norvis Vasquez


  • KurzbeschreibungNorvis Vasquez, Nicaraguan singer-songwriter who has within him the passion for music. From an early age was fascinated by the guitar, writing poetry and songs. During these years has had the opportunity to participate in cultural and social events and present his talent in his hometown Esteli. His voice and guitar have been heard by young audiences in schools and universities in his homeland and several cities in other countries: Switzerland, Vienna (Austria), Bielefeld (Germany), Cambridge (England) and Ottawa (Canada). Now, in a new stage in his musical life and after the release of his single "Hasta el Final (Canción a mi Hija)” in 2010, Norvis as composer and singer is pleased to present to you the new Album “AHORA TÚ”. This album has been produced by Alessandro Buono and has been released on 23rd of January 2012. “AHORA TÚ and Hasta El Final” are available for download in different online stores.
  • Gründungsjahr: 2010
  • Musikrichtung: Singer/Songwriter
  • Gesangsprache: Englisch, Spanisch
  • Besetzung: Guitar
Angaben zum Konzertauftritt:
  • Einsatzgebiete: St. Gallen, Zürich
  • Anlässe: Festival, Konzert, Öffentlicher Anlass, Hochzeit, Privatfeier, Tischmusik/Apéro, Firmenanlass, Schule
  • Benötigte Infrastruktur: keine Angabe
  • PA Anlage: teilweise vorhanden
  • Platzbedarf: keine Angabe
  • Spieldauer: 30 bis 60 Minuten inkl. Pause (1-3 Sets)
  • Gage & Spesen: nach Absprache

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