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  • KurzbeschreibungClepsydra is a Swiss neo-progressive band that was formed in 1990 by Aluisio Maggini, Lele Hofmann, Philip Hubert, Andy Thommen and Pietro Duca.
    In 1991 Clepsydra released their first album "Hologram", which was followed by the EP "Fly Man" in 1993. Clepsydra then signed to InsideOut, who released their second album "More Grains of Sand" in 1994. This CD included the song Moonshine on Heights, which by many is regarded as neo-prog classic.
    In 1998 Clepsydra released their third album "Fears", the first album with Marco Cerulli on guitar. In the wake of the album release Clepsydra had a 10 day long European tour and was booked for a concert in Canada on the strength of this production. In 2001 the band released "Alone" with Nicola De Vita on bass.
    In 2013 Clepsydra announced they were reuniting, with Andy Thommen back on bass guitar and a reunion tour scheduled for 2014.
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  • Gründungsjahr: 1990
  • Musikrichtung: Alternative Rock
  • Musikalische Einflüsse: Marillion, Genesis, Pink Floyd
  • Gesangsprache: Englisch
  • Besetzung: Voice, Guitar, Keyboards, Bass, Drums
Angaben zum Konzertauftritt:
  • Einsatzgebiete: Ganze Schweiz
  • Anlässe: Festival, Konzert
  • Benötigte Infrastruktur: professional PA (24CH, 6 monitors, 5 monitor lines), Lights, light tech
  • PA Anlage: nicht vorhanden
  • Platzbedarf: mind. 6 x 4 m
  • Spieldauer: 120 Minuten
  • Zusätzliche Spesen: Hotel for 8 people (band & staff)

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