Altsaxophon Trevor James


  • Beschreibung: Professionelles Jazz-Altsaxophon
    Ein Sax für Pros. Sehr solide, zuverlässig und wartungsfreundlich gebaut, eher auf der schweren Seite, flexibler, offener Sound. Ein wunderschönes Instrument für MusikerInnen, die den Vintage-Look bevorzugen.
    Gebaut Dez 2017, gekauft Sommer 2018, zeitweise wenig intensiv gespielt (Nichtraucher), nur zu Hause und in der Lektion, nie auf der Bühne, meist nur gelagert. Inkl. wertiges Case.
    Aktueller Neupreis (UK import): ca. Fr. 3000.- (£2,186 + Import-Mwst Fr. 226.-)

    "...On the specs alone it's an impressive horn. The build quality, the setup and the whole package adds up to a very credible pro-quality instrument - and when you factor in the feel, the tone and the response I think it's fair to say that the RAW XS raises the standard for the 21st century alto". ?
    Stephen Howard, Author of the Haynes Saxophone Manual.

    Launched in 2012 after more 2 years of testing, discussion and research with sax players around the world who told us they wanted "...a pro-horn which had the sound, and the mechanism which would fall under the fingers so neatly that you would forget it was there", we slowly developed and grew the Signature Custom range though numerous prototypes and close player involvement. ? built for the pro player who needs to be completely confident that their horn will perform brilliantly day in/out straight from the case. Horns that don't need continual regulation. Horns that are consistent and reliable!
    The RAW XS saxophone starts out life as a 'RAW' model and then undergoes extra (XS) hand buffing to the body and mechanism which as sax players tell us "gives it a stunning clean appearance." Over time the shininess fades to give a really realistic old sax look.

    Besichtigung/Probespiel in Luzern oder Bern nach Vereinbarung.
  • Zubehör: diverses Zubehör (sax stand, Saxholder, reeds etc) nach Vereinbarung
  • Instrument: Altsaxophon
  • Marke: Trevor James
  • Typ: Signature Custom Alto RAW XS
  • Anschaffungsjahr: 2018
  • Anbieter: Roman V.
  • Neupreis: ca. SFr. 3000.-
  • Abholung: Eymattstrasse 176a, 3032 Hinterkappelen
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