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  • Kurzbeschreibung2007 marked the year i decided to take a real "shot" at rap. For as long as i can remember i've always been around music. Be it the local music of my home country or urban music, music has always been a form of therapy and escape for me. It started off with me writing down my thoughts and how i felt at that particular moment. Not necessarily poetic, just my innermost feelings. As my vocabulary expanded due to my love of reading, i developed the habit of making lines rhyme together.
    As far as my rap technique goes, listen to 'em tracks and you might get a clue.
    The "Da New Breed" Ep is my 1st major artistic project with a follow-up already in the making. The plan is to pollute the scene with some "no-bullshit-taking-go-getta-attitude" rap, reminiscent of "em good ol days".
  • Kontakt: E-Mail senden
  • Gründungsjahr: 2007
  • Musikrichtung: HipPop
  • Musikalische Einflüsse: Bob Marley, Nas, Ice Cube
  • Gesangsprache: Englisch
  • Besetzung: Vocals
Angaben zum Konzertauftritt:
  • Einsatzgebiete: Ganze Schweiz
  • Anlässe: Alle
  • Benötigte Infrastruktur: keine Angabe
  • PA Anlage: keine Angabe
  • Platzbedarf: egal
  • Spieldauer: 60 Minuten
  • Zusätzliche Spesen: Keine

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